Toro – A Calf’s Tale is finally available for purchase. Check the book’s page for details.

It’s been a long time since I first began this book so it’s with satisfied relief that I can make this announcement. My vision has always beens to help educate children, both vegan and not, about veganism and animal rights. Our next book is titled Why Do We Have To Be Vegan?! which will explain to children why your family is vegan when most of their friends aren’t. A very exciting book.

I want to say some thank you’s. I had some early proofreaders that gave me some advise on Toro that helped improve it immensely. First my loving partner Sarah Yoffe who not only gave me some ideas about the text but pointed out issues with some of the illustrations. Emily Moran Barwick of Bite Size Vegan not only proofread but actually edited the book. That was a huge help! To Sarina JW and her children who gave their support and encouragement after reading the early draft of the book. And last but not least Désirée who gave me some great advice on grieving and dealing with dying. You’ll notice these names throughout the book.

I hope you enjoy Toro and be sure to like us and follow us all over the internet. As well be sure to sign up for our newsletter.